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Twisted Air Balloons –

Put A New Twist To Your Party

Posted on September 30, 2007 by Loudoun Rewards


In the old days, teaching a child to spell ‘balloon’ was easy – “there are two strings for the two round balls”. These days, balloons have become a lot more interesting. Forget the plain stringed single, round balloon you’ve known since you were a kid. There is more than one way to inflate a balloon and Twisted Air Balloons shows you how!

Twisted Air Balloons specializes in creative balloon design for all kinds of celebrations. You pick from a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and they will create a balloon design for you. Whether it’s your child’s birthday, a holiday celebration or special occasions like weddings and reunions or corporate events, these customized arrangements will surely lighten up your party.


Among Twisted Air Balloons‘ favorite works are hats, flower arrangements, and holiday creatures. If you’re having a children’s party, the kids will surely delight in special custom-made hats. Brighten your Easter with the Easter Bunny in a basket. Throw in a ghoul or two in your costume party with a Halloween arrangement. Or have them customize some table decorations and breathtaking displays for your special event.

Those are just some of the fun and creative things you can do with balloons on your next private or business event. Indeed, nothing cheers up a party like balloons can. So put a new twist to things on that upcoming day. Let Twisted Air Balloons‘ innovative designs make your party stand out.


With your Loudoun Rewards Savings Card, you get 10% off total purchase of any balloon arrangement, on every order, and 10% off 2nd hour of balloon twisting for parties or events!


Twisted Air Balloons, LLC
43317 Parlor Square
Ashburn, VA 20147
Tel: (703) 723-6402

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